Specialty Services For Substance Misuse, Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

Our team specializes in services for treating Substance Misuse, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Stress. We are located throughout the Columbus, Ohio area.  We specialize in the treatment of anxiety and stress in adult and adolescent clientele from various approaches. This includes educating clients about the nature of anxiety and stress and teaching practical strategies for alleviating distress and freeing oneself from constraints on quality of living due to anxiety. 

Additional Counseling Services in Ohio

How is our team experienced in all of these areas?  That seems like a lot.  Often times, we have customers come in with ideas of what they may want help with.  Sometimes, these are areas that they identified on their own or because they found something on the internet or something that they have been dealing with while seeing another counselor and have decided that they didn't like just listening to the theory behind the issue but wanted to take action.  Whatever the case is, we are experienced in quite a few areas.  Some of our clinicians have worked with end of life issues, drug addiction, family issues, children and even emergency issues such as working with people committed to the hospital for an evaluation.  When you come from major medical facilities, you quickly gather vast experiences.  Our team just happened to have started out in fast paced medical facilities and opted into private practice where they had more control over their schedules and can now enjoy spending time with their families. 

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