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  • Neil Colvin

Trauma Can Be Experienced In Many Ways In 2023

Updated: Feb 27

But, did you know that it can get embedded into you at the cellular level?

One form of trauma can be the result of experiencing some kind of childhood trauma. This can be emotional or physical abuse or neglect. It can also be the result of witnessing a traumatic event or it can be the result of being traumatized by someone else. One can even be a bystander to someone else's abuse, by watching another child get abused, or witnessing a fight. This form of trauma is dealing with something terrifying and difficult, even when the person is not the one who is experiencing the trauma.

A man with PTSD talking with his therapist.
Trauma leaves scars that take time to heal.

These can be experiences that make it difficult to trust people or even be willing to communicate with others about what's going on. For example, if you go through a traumatic experience like losing a loved one, or being attacked, this could result in post-traumatic stress disorder. Diving deeper into this example, a child who experiences abuse from his or her parents may develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and this can cause the child to become withdrawn, irritable, and angry. The person who experiences the trauma might also feel afraid. If they don’t get professional help, studies show that holding onto these unprocessed feelings have a very real effect on our brains as well as our bodies at a cellular level. We aren’t just talking about exacerbating a mental disorder. We are now talking about compounding effects that have lasting effects.

How Serious Is This?

A therapist taking a deeper look into physical issues with stress.

There are emotional and physical reactions it triggers which can make you more prone to serious health conditions including heart attack, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and cancer, according to numerous research studies but one of the more prevalent studies if from the Harvard Medical School.

Too Little Too Late?

Great news! It is never too late to work through these events in your life. However, the sooner that they are addressed, the less likelihood that the compounding effects will take place on the individual. Therefore, we recommend working with a licensed therapist. It just so happens that our staff are all top of the class grads. So not only do they have the practical skills, they have a superior knowledge and experience in tackling these issues quickly so that the client can start the healing process as quickly as possible. Licensed therapists in the industry have years of schooling, research, and practical experience before they start taking on clients. Unfortunately, as technology improves, we also see a lot of unlicensed “professionals” make serious claims that they can fix you or address your challenges via text only or chatbots. The claims sound great and the prices are usually calculated by a group of executives and a marketing team all poised to bill clients and churn through the next one. It is a scary place when you see huge investors pouring millions of dollars into the therapy platform. In the end, the client is underserved and still left with the lasting effects of trauma and usually become even more distrustful of medical professionals.

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