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What Do Social Workers Do In 2023?

Updated: Feb 27

Social Workers Support And Counsel You
Social Workers Support And Counsel You

They Can Support Every Facet of Society

Social workers are people who help others navigate life and in fact one of your biggest advocates. They're trained to offer support, counseling and problem-solving techniques that can help you deal with problems that are too big for you to handle on your own. And yes, social workers do this for people in need—but they also do it for themselves! In this post, we'll take a look at some of the ways social workers help their clients.

Social Workers Guide You Step By Step
Social Workers Provide Insights

They Help You Get Essential Services

Social workers help you get the services you need. You may be eligible for food, housing, healthcare and other benefits. Social workers can also help you find a job or go back to school. There are many reasons why you may be eligible for public assistance. If you have children, it may be because you’re a single parent. If you’re disabled, perhaps because of an injury or illness that prevents you from working full-time. If you’re over 65 years old and disabled, it may be because of your age. If you’ve lost your job, public assistance may help you pay for food or shelter while you look for work. If you’re homeless, public assistance may help you find a place to live. If you have a drug or alcohol addiction, it may be because this is causing problems in your life that make it difficult for you to work. And if you’re unable to care for yourself because of mental illness or a developmental disability, public assistance may help provide the services and support that can help improve your quality of life. There are many support structures and systems out there to help you with your challenges however it is nearly impossible to navigate these systems on your own. Social workers are trained to utilize these systems on a daily basis so they are aware of where to start and how long each system will take.

Navigate Insurance

Social Workers Help You Navigate Insurance
Social Workers Help You Navigate Complex Systems

Social workers can help you navigate the insurance process, if a social worker is assigned to you or your family. The social worker will help you understand what is covered and what isn’t, and they will also help with the paperwork. Sometimes it is necessary for families to be referred to the state's Medicare or Medicaid program, which will pay for some of your treatment. The social worker can assist with this step as well.

Social workers are also trained in health care advocacy (meaning they can speak on behalf of clients regarding their medical needs). For example: If a patient has been waiting three months for an appointment with a specialist but still hasn't been seen yet by them, then maybe it's time for a little nudge from their advocate!

Social Workers Advocate For You
Social Workers Advocate For You

Advocate For Their Clients

Social workers advocate for their clients, helping them with emotional and mental issues. For example, a social worker might educate a client about addiction treatment options or listen to their concerns about family members who are struggling with behavioral issues. They also provide counseling services to help people manage stress and anxiety, work through emotional trauma or improve their relationships with others.

Social workers counsel individuals who are at risk of abuse or neglect as well as those who have been abused or neglected. They may also help children recover emotionally following an event such as a divorce in which one parent has left the household.

Social workers often assist consumers in obtaining housing services by providing referrals to programs that can offer assistance such as job training, budgeting advice and financial literacy classes.

Manage Money And Legal Issues

Social workers are in the business of helping you manage your money. If you’re having trouble with a landlord or the bank, a social worker can help you get back on your feet. If your student loans are stressing you out, they can help with that too. They may even be able to help by getting you financial aid or finding some other way to pay for school if that’s what it takes for you to go. Social workers do lots of things beyond just providing financial advice—they also run programs like Head Start and help individuals find jobs.

Manage Cases For Patients In Hospital-based Treatment Programs

Social Workers Can Help You Navigate Medical Care
Social Workers Can Help You Navigate Medical Care

Social workers are experts at helping patients navigate the healthcare system. If you or a loved one has been hospitalized, a social worker can help you get the best care, ensure that your insurance is being used properly and provide support in finding housing and other essential services. Social workers also work with patients who have been discharged from hospital-based treatment programs to make sure they're on track for recovery long after they leave the facility. Social workers are trained to interact with patients in an empathetic way while maintaining professionalism; they understand what it's like to be sick, scared or uncertain about treatment options—and because of that empathy, they're often able to connect with people who might not otherwise open up about their experiences.

These Are Just Some Of The Many Ways A Social Worker Can Help

The first step to getting the help you need is to define what it is you want from a social worker. This is no easy task. Social workers are trained to help people in all kinds of situations, so there's a lot for them to cover.

Even if you're not sure what kind of issues bother you personally or affect your family, there are some common areas where social workers can provide assistance:

  • Child and Family Services

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

  • Elderly Assistance

It could also be helpful if you think about the types of experiences that have affected your life recently—maybe a big move, job loss or illness has weighed on your mind lately? Or maybe something else happened that made it more difficult than usual for someone important in your life? A social worker may be able to offer guidance through these challenges as well as any other issues that might arise throughout life's journey.

Social workers are amazing. They help people every day and they do it all with a smile on their face. It’s not easy work, but it is rewarding when you see the difference you can make in someone else’s life. You too can be a social worker and help others who need it most.

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