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  • Neil Colvin

It Is 2023 And Teletherapy Is Here To Stay

Updated: Feb 27

A little girl explains her challenges to her therapist.
Opening up to your therapist is a process

Teletherapy should be practical. We should aim to be supportive of the client where they are most comfortable, and help them to feel better-resourced when they head back out to their life. But teletherapy is also a call to soul work. It's about committing to deepening your commitment to your own life purpose and staying authentic to who you are in the world.

Thera-Fi therapists build trust with their clients.
Building the client up takes time and trust after years of a client living with their challenges and trying to fix it themselves.

Trying to have the best therapy session we've ever had would be a complete waste of time and inauthentic. We don't want to have the best client experience. The goal isn't to build ourselves up as the clinician. We want to have an unforgettable client experience, for the clients and for ourselves. The breakthroughs at Thera-fi come when the client is ready. Forcing the client to an answer is a sign that the clinician is burnt out or wants out of the session for some reason. It happens, we get it. Nobody is perfect and who knows what is going on in their life at that moment. However, when you force an answer, it usually isn't the right one for the client and they are not going to follow their homework or apply the tools that we just gave them.

A family in a group teletherapy session with Thera-Fi.
Teletherapy can be a group session.

This is the journey of self-actualization through therapy which will result in a lifestyle change for the client. We walk them through the challenges that they are facing and get them on track as fast as possible and send them back into the world. Sometimes they come back for a follow up, other times, it is the last we hear from them because they've moved past their struggles. And yet sometimes, we'll have them come back but it'll be for a different challenge in their life. It makes sense. Our lives have ebbs and flows. At the end of a session, the client usually feels better than when they came in unless we have a specific goal to dig deeper for the session. In any case, we both end the session leaving with a better understanding for each other.

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