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  • Neil Colvin

Know Your Worth in 2023

Updated: Feb 27

Looking Down A Road With Trees During The Fall Season
Reflecting On This Year

Wow, I took this time to reflect over the past year and how many colleagues have actually been stuck in this rut for years.

Beware of that supervisor that constantly asks you to do more with less. A little extra once in a while, is normal with businesses having ebbs and flows.

Life is too short to work in that environment for long. I get that one needs to pay the bills, but do yourself a solid and burn a little midnight oil to build up your network and resume and then move on.

Far too often, I've seen people fight for scraps (in various industries). That spot above you finally opens up in a company that keeps holding onto the wrong people while letting the good ones get away or burnout and you think you've finally made it. That supervisor dangled a little carrot in front of you and now you're in the rut.

I've asked many people over the last 12 months: "What were you thinking about in those situations?" Most of the time, it was something to the extent of:

If I just meet this next goal, they'll give me a promotion.

If I just do this, I'll finally get my raise.

So and so left, so now I'll likely move up.

One of these days, they'll see how much I do around here and that's when I'll finally move up, etc. Once so and so leaves, my job will get better.

Scrabble Letters Spelling The Word Truth
Your Boss Knows

The truth is, that your supervisor sees it. If they aren't actively pushing you into a promotion with a plan, then they really don't want to promote you. Think about what their ACTIONS say about them. In today's job market, you can pretty much find a better role than the one you currently are in within months or less depending on your skillset.

For those of you looking, I highly recommend you update your LinkedIn profile, resume, and network. If they aren't working for you or it is too much for you to do, hire a pro to get you there. You won't regret the upgrade. You could start that process over your Thanksgiving break and have some great progress made by next week. Think of the mental and physical toll it takes on you and the loved ones around you. It takes effort to move on because it gets scary to put yourself out there but after you move on, you'll feel better and people around you will notice. If you want to talk more about the anguish you feel, reach out to TheraFi for an initial consult.

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