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About Us​

Do you feel weighed down by anxiety? Do you feel stressed out and tense? Do you feel like you are in a slump or spiraling? You may have gone through a traumatic event or slowly reached this point. Either way, we want to get you on the right path as quickly as possible. Together, we will address the root causes of your difficulties and build you up. We are licensed professionals, committed to helping children and adults in one on one or group settings.  Our work focuses on targeting the challenges you are facing. We believe in taking a collaborative approach when needed in helping you reach your goals and sometimes, that may mean that we end up recommending another approach for different challenges.  It may also mean that we would recommend you seeing another therapist within our team for their expertise.  In any case, we are trying to approach your challenges with a holistic approach that addresses root cause issues in ways that you can take action on.  We want to start helping you now, not six months from now. It isn't fair to keep you waiting on a list. Your challenges aren't going to give you a break.  This is also what separates us from other private practices.  We staff according to the needs of our clients.  To keep our wait times low, we make  sure that we have top notch clinicians available to help you.  We don't feel there is a need to build more suspense by dragging out the process.

One question we frequently get: Why don't you take my insurance?  Well, there are several reasons.  Here are a few reasons that you may not be aware of.  There are tons of insurance companies out there - thousands of them.  A lot of those companies have a reputation for not working well with clients or clinicians so therapists avoid them.  Or possibly, this is the first time we've heard of your insurance.  Still, insurance only approves you for a limited number of sessions - not because you should be "fixed" by the specified limit but because they are in the business of staying profitable.  Taking insurance also makes billing more complex which can be frustrating for clients when they thought that they were covered but end up paying more because their insurance decided to not cover all or part of a session months after the fact.  We keep our prices flexible and you know what to expect from the beginning.  This is why you can get a Good Faith Estimate from us and why our billing expert will tell you exactly what your insurance will cover.  We will go over a plan with you and let you know what to reasonably expect to pay over a period of time along with the course of action.  Our aim is to make this process as transparent as possible for our clients.  You can contact us with questions or book the next available appointment with us. Either way, we are here for you.

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